Welcome to the Coven of the Wylde Rose.

The Coven of the Wylde Rose is a Gardnerian Coven in Toronto, Canada.

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The Vernal or Spring Equinox is the first of the Lesser Sabbats of the new calendar year, and it brings hope for the future. Last year, Ostara was either the last Sabbat celebrated before Covid19 lockdowns or the first Sabbats covens had to miss out getting together to celebrate. This year’s Ostara brings hope, ifContinue reading “OSTARA”

Wicca in the Covid19 Age

Who would have thought that a year ago Covid19 would completely transform our lives, even ending 22,000+ Canadian lives and over 2.5 million lives world-wide? A year ago, many of us lived our last normal week before mask-wearing, physical distancing, hand sanitation, closures and lockdowns instantly, and in many cases, overnight, became the new normal.Continue reading “Wicca in the Covid19 Age”

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